Custom Database Downloads

These downloads are available and have been tested on all versions of Windows excluding Windows Vista. All downloads have been confirmed to be virus free.

CypherBYTE Demonstration Application

This is a demonstration model. Requiring only Microsoft Access, this is designed to show you what your finished application might feel like. It doesn't necessarily answer anyone's specific goal. The idea is for you to see how user-friendly our products are and to be able to see what a finished Microsoft Access database might do.

This application is not intended to be shared across a network.

This application is not intended to be a permanant solution to your needs. If you would like it to be, please contact us.

Download the CypherBYTE Demo for Microsoft Access 2007 (1,917 KB)
Please understand that Microsoft Access 2007 is a bit buggy and one of its bugs that would affect this application is filesize bloating. The demo application for this version will continue to increase in size through normal usage to unusually large sizes. We have workarounds for this, but they make installation much more complex -- nothing we can't handle, but to keep the installation simple, the workaround is not applied.
Download the CypherBYTE Demo for Microsoft Access 2003 (1,892 KB)
Download the CypherBYTE Demo for Microsoft Access 2002 (XP) (1,893 KB)
Download the CypherBYTE Demo for Microsoft Access 2000 (1,921 KB)
Sorry, the application is currently not available for Access 97 or earlier. If you need it to be, please contact us.

All you need to do is download the file, extract the zip file into a new folder and then open the Demo file from that folder. The username for login is Admin and the password is admin and the password will be automatically entered for you.

There is no specific documentation for this application... yet. The application is friendly enough that you should have no problems getting started though. However, if you do need help to get started, please contact us.

If you like, you can download the CypherBYTE Custom Database Software Manual and read up on what the more advanced features of the application do. Just ignore the setup and installation instructions as they will not apply to the demonstration application.

CypherBYTE Custom Database Software Manual

This zipped Microsoft Word document details the installation, configuration, administration and general usage of CypherBYTE custom software development applications. It also includes some basic Windows file management tips and tricks.

Requirements: Microsoft Word 97 or above.

Download the CypherBYTE Custom Database Software Manual Now (1,735 KB)

Microsoft Access 97 Runtime

This software is a freebie from Microsoft Which allows our custom software development customers to run their custom database design - even on computers which do not have a version of Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access is part of the Microsoft Office Professional suite.

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/2003 with 64MB RAM and 15MB of free disk space.

WARNING: Do not install this on a computer that already has Microsoft Access 97.

Download Microsoft Access 97 Runtime (10,460 KB)

Microsoft Access 97 DAO Library

This is a utility that is sometimes required to run converted Microsoft Access 97 database applications on later versions of Microsoft Access.

Requirements: Microsoft Access version later than version 97 and an upgraded Microsoft Access 97 database that fails to compile.

Download the Microsoft Access 97 DAO Library

Microsoft Excel Countdown Spreadsheet

This tiny Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is designed to simply show the precise time countdown to an important event you enter. If you want to examine examples of time calculation formulas, download this free spreadsheet, compliments of CypherBYTE.

Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 or above.

Download the Microsoft Excel Countdown Spreadsheet Now (25 KB)

CypherBYTE Flash Movie

Download the CypherBYTE intro movie (Flash Movie) to play it from your hard-disk to improve performance or simply to be able to play it while you are offline. For CypherBYTE enthusiasts!

Requirements: A web browser with the Macromedia Flash 5 (or above) add-in installed.

Download the CypherBYTE Flash Movie Now (Use Right-Click and Save As to save to your hard disk).(840 KB)

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