Privacy Policy

CypherBYTE will hold any and all information in the strictest confidence. To the best of our ability, no part of any information you deliver to CypherBYTE will, in any way, be divulged to any party outside of CypherBYTE. Information you provide will only be handed along to internal staff to enable the handling of your project(s) efficiently and professionally. CypherBYTE may, from time to time, use information such as e-mail addresses in its own internal marketing strategies.

Active Content Policy

You may encounter messages about active content from Internet Explorer or you may have products such as NoScript reporting that this site is attempting to run active content, or scripts. Yes, we are trying to run active content, but that content is only trying to (a) record visitor activity so that we can measure this site's effectiveness (b) display ads from Google (c) enable the facebook content and (d) make the site work efficiently. There is no malicious intent within this active content and any information you submit to the site will NOT be divulged to anyone beyond CypherBYTE trusted staff.

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